Paying it foward – Billy M.

I’d like to share an amazing story from one of our long-time customers, Billy M, from Winston Salem N.C.  Billy  is well known in his community to be very knowledgeable about Wellness and Supplements. Several months ago an individual sick with heart disease was literally “carried into my house” looking for help. Billy shared how Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula reduced blockages for him and others.  Billy then GAVE him several bottles of Oral Chelating Formula to try.

Time past and Billy didn’t hear a thing about this individual.  And then one day recently I heard a knock at my door.  It was the same gentleman who had to be carried into my house returned to my front door. But this time he was proudly standing on his own two feet with a big grin across his face.  He extended his hand and thanked me for saving his life.  He went on to sat he hasn’t felt so good in years and wanted to know where he could get more of that Oral Chelating Formula!

 I want to personally thank Billy M., and so many others  who “pay it forward” for fun and for free to carry the message of how Oral Chelating Formula “extends our lease on life.”


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