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Pilots protect medical with Release Artery Health Formula.

Jul 17, 2013


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Hypertension, heart disease and blocked arteries, are the number one cause of deferment or denial of a pilot medical.

Good Life Labs Release Artery Health Formula is an Oral Chelating Formula that promotes heart health and helps remove the toxins, plaque and deposits that build up and often block the arteries. These blockages may lead to hypertension, poor circulation, heart attack or stroke and the inevitable AME deferment or denial..

Don’t get into “Special Issuance Hell”. Start taking Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula today and keep your heart and arteries healthy to fly tomorrow.

“When I learned that my arteries were 70% blocked I decided to try a natural remedy before undergoing surgery. Within 6 months after starting Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula  the blockage was down to 30% and I felt so much better. That was nearly 20 years ago. I am now 63 and still hold a second class medical and fly almost every day.”    Don P. CPL/IA

 “As a mature student pilot with a history of hypertension and heart disease, my doctor told me about Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula. I’ve been taking it for over ten years and just passed my latest First Class Medical with flying colors.”   Mike S  CPL/IA, First Officer RJ

 “I was on a special issuance for hypertension. Since taking Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula my blood pressure is 120/80 and I have just been returned to an unrestricted medical.         Sean K  PPL/IA

“I have never had heart problems but I have a family history. That is why I take Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula every single day.”   Ron T  ATP

Call 1-800-215-7031 or visit us on the web at

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This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

EDTA Removes Plaque from arteries

With a result that will surprise many (but not us), the largest trial of EDTA Chelation Therapy was undertaken by the National Institute of Health

The test followed 1,708 patients with coronary disease. A major benefit was found to be the substantially reduced need for surgical intervention to relieve blocked arteries. This was true to an even greater extent in patients who also had diabetes.

The results of this study confirm what we hear from our customers on a daily basis and, although the results have been marked by the medical profession as preliminary and requiring further study, for many there is good reason not to wait.

With virtually no side effects and a very reasonable cost, Oral Chelation Therapy is an available and affordable solution for many who wish to maintain heart health and keep their arteries free from plaque.

Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula – Maximum Strength – contains 500mg of EDTA together with over 40 vitamins, minerals and herbs that are known to support a health heart.

Find out more about how Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula can provide the same benefits to you and order your supplies today at

Good Life Labs Customer Mrs M. from Gaffney, SC. remembers the day her husband visited the doctor for chronic heart disease. “They gave him six months to live”.

Fortunately they learned about Oral Chelating Formula and decided to give it a try. Mr M went on to live another decade.

“I will always be grateful to Good Life Labs and Oral Chelating Formula. They gave me 10 mo0re wonderful years with my husband. I strongly recommend taking Oral Chelating Formula and giving it to the ones you love”.