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Pilots turn to dietary supplements to preserve their medical certification.

5.5x2.5 Bottles Shot.Zeonetix GF0027.C (412 x 188)In a recent private survey a staggering 38% of active pilots who responded admitted that they either lied or omitted information on their FAA medical application because they feared the consequences of admitting to a possible health issue. A further 41% said that they considered the impact of diagnosis and treatment on their medical certification before consulting a physician.

The top issues of concern which pilots felt, if acknowledged, might adversely affect medical certification were heart disease, including CAD (blocked arteries) and hypertension, eyesight issues, including cataracts, AMD and deterioration of night vision and cognitive decline including early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression.

For many years the FAA has been dragging its feet on medical reform causing pilots to avoid seeking help which may lead to disqualification or the painful and slow process of a special issuance.

It is for this reason that many pilots have been seeking alternative treatments which will keep them healthy and protect their medical status. Increasingly pilots who are showing early symptoms of heart disease, loss of visual acuity and mental decline are turning to a new range of dietary supplements which are not reportable to the FAA and have shown some remarkable results in stemming the advance of degenerative decline.

Peter, an ATP from New York, after feeling some mild chest discomfort after exercise, discovered that some of his arteries were up to 70% blocked. Knowing that this would cause an automatic deferment of his

first class medical and the start of the long process of special issuance decided to defer reporting the condition while he took a course of a dietary supplement. After just 6 months he reported that his blockage had reduced to 30% and he no longer had any symptoms.

Mike a private pilot from Kentucky had stopped both driving and flying at night because of the glare and halos that he was seeing from lights in the cockpit and on the ground. After a few months of taking a specially formulated supplement he was back in the cockpit and seeing better than ever. At his next eye exam the doctor told him that his cataracts had all but disappeared.

After the German Wings tragedy many pilots have become aware of their own mental state and the general loss of mental acuity that comes with the aging process. “Stress, depression and ‘Senior Moments’ have no place in the cockpit” says Dr Noble, an aviation psychologist. “Pilots need to do everything within their power to keep their mind sharp and that includes providing it with the right nutrition. An ounce of prevention is worth a whole pound of cure”.

Good Life Labs has recently launched the Zeonetix range of dietary supplements. Formulated with pilots in mind the Zeonetix Total Wellness System will keep you flying longer and make the medical certification process more certain.


Hypoxia – The Invisible Killer

Pilot oxygenEvery pilot learns early on in their training about the effects of Hypoxia and the necessity to use  supplemental oxygen when flying at altitude. Various studies have shown that pilot performance and vision can start to be impaired at altitudes as low as 5000 feet although supplemental oxygen is not mandated until above 12000 feet.

What is not so well known is that poor circulation can induce hypoxia and cause impairment even as low as sea level.

There are two little talked about forms of hypoxia that do not require altitude to have deadly effects. These are Ischemic Hypoxia which is insufficient oxygen in tissues because of an inadequate blood supply and Stagnant Hypoxia which is the inadequate supply of oxygen to tissues because of the slow rate

of passage of the blood through the tissues.

When arteries and blood vessels become restricted due to the build up of calcium and plaque pilot performance may be impaired at low levels in just the same way as if they were flying at a much higher altitude.

Over time Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula – Maximum Strength with 500mg EDTA works to clear out the arteries and restore circulation which in turn may reduce the effects of hypoxia and restore pilot performance at low altitudes where supplemental oxygen may not normally be considered necessary.

From the very first day that you start to take it, Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula will set to work removing toxins in the blood and cleaning the arteries. Just two capsules taken once a day will help to maintain a healthy circulation, promote heart health and fight the effects of hypoxia.

A Star is Born

Don PDon was thrilled to be asked to star in the new advert which we placed in the September issue of Flying Magazine.

“When Good Life Labs asked me if they could feature my story in their latest advertizement I had no hesitation in saying yes. As a pilot, I sincerely doubt if I would be flying today if it wasn’t for Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula and my doctor says that with my arteries in the state they were, I may not even be alive.”

This is the text of the advert.

Hypertension, heart disease and blocked arteries, are the number one cause of deferment or denial of a pilot medical.

Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula promotes heart health and helps remove the toxins, plaque and deposits that build up and often block the arteries. These blockages may lead to hypertension, poor circulation, heart attack or stroke and the inevitable AME deferment or denial..

Don’t get into “Special Issuance Hell”. Start taking Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula today and keep your heart and arteries healthy to fly tomorrow.

“When I learned that my arteries were 70% blocked I decided to try a natural remedy before undergoing surgery. Within 6 months after starting Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula  the blockage was down to 30% and I felt so much better. That was nearly 20 years ago. I am now 63 and still hold a second class medical and fly almost every day.”    Don P. CPL/IA

 “As a mature student pilot with a history of hypertension and heart disease, my doctor told me about Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula. I’ve been taking it for over ten years and just passed my latest First Class Medical with flying colors.”   Mike S  CPL/IA, First Officer RJ

 “I was on a special issuance for hypertension. Since taking Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula my blood pressure is 120/80 and I have just been returned to an unrestricted medical.         Sean K  PPL/IA

“I have never had heart problems but I have a family history. That is why I take Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula every single day.”   Ron T  ATP

Call 1-800-215-7031 or visit us on the web at www.goodlifelabs.com

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

Heart Disease – One Pilot’s Story.

Doctor greating patientRecently Dr Jonathon Sackier wrote in Aopa Pilot Magazine about heart health and how it affects Pilot Medical Certification.

He described the effects of hereditary and lifestyle factors that cause blocked arteries like “plumbing blocked with hard water deposits”.

Factors such as bad genes, cigarettes, fatty diets obesity and a sedentary lifestyle cause heart and artery disease with the consequent impairment in organ function.

Family history, high blood pressure, chest pain or breathlessness when exercising are all signs that arteries may be clogged but sadly it may only be the (sometimes fatal) heart attack or stroke that is the first sign.

Unfortunately for the pilot, the presence of any of these symptoms is going to result in at least a deferment if not a denial when it comes time to renew their Pilot Medical.

“I mentioned to my doctor that I was feeling a little out of breath after climbing the stairs” says Peter Smith, a long time 737 captain. “I put it down to some recent weight gain and lack of exercise but my doctor took it more seriously. He arranged for some tests and we discovered some pretty major arterial blockages which required immediate surgery. Of course I was grounded and worried that this would signal the end of my flying career.”

Two years later, Captain Smith is back flying again. “The surgery didn’t cure the cause of my heart disease, it just cleared up the symptoms. I needed to do something to make sure that I wasn’t going to have to go through this all over again.”

After discussions with his doctor Peter decided to start taking Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula. “The results were amazing. After just 3 months my arteries were 40% clearer and the last test showed no problems whatsoever.”

Peter is still on a special issuance medical but has no worries when he visits the AME for his six-monthly check. “It’s back to being routine again” says Peter thankfully. “I know that I am at risk for heart disease so I take Good Life Labs Oral Chelating Formula every day. It has saved my medical and quite possibly my life as well.”