What are the benefits of EDTA Oral Chelating Formula?

Aug 9, 2012



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In addition to removing toxic, heavy metals such as lead, “doctors noted that their patients experienced unexpected improvements beyond those that could be explained by lead removal,” according to a recent article posted on www.vitasentials.com.

The article further explains that “Patients reported improved memory, diminished leg and chest pain on exertion, better vision, better hearing and improved sense of smell… improvements related to improved circulation and relief of blocked or narrowed arteries. Poor circulation and lack of blood flow to the reproductive organs is a primary cause of male impotence. Many men find that, as their circulation is improved, sexual performance also improves. Chelating agents can also remove age-related cross-linkages in collagen and elastin that are responsible for loss of skin tone and wrinkling. After Chelation therapy, patients often look younger. Their skin becomes smoother, more flexible and wrinkles actually disappear to some degree.” This article points out that intravenous Chelating therapy also has the ability to “remove calcified plaque from artery walls.”