Can Calcium-EDTA Treatment Dramatically reduce Cancer Deaths?

Aug 9, 2012



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According to an article in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, mortality from cancer was reduced 90 percent during an 18-year follow-up study of 59 patients treated with Calcium-EDTA.
Only one of the 59 treated patients died of cancer, while 30 of 172 non-treated control subjects died of cancer. Death from arthrosclerosis was also reduced.

EDTA is well recognized as a therapy for lead toxicity. It also removes other toxic heavy metals and nutritional elements, such as iron, which promote cancer by catalyzing free-radical pathology.

Beginning in 1961, a group of 59 patients with such symptoms was treated with Calcium EDTA. Symptoms improved and urinary delta-amino levulinic acid diminished. Subsequent to the EDTA Chelation therapy, a decrease in cancer mortality was observed. When compared with a control group of untreated patients who did not receive EDTA, many fewer cancer deaths were recorded.

Since the data from this study were last reported, new research has linked cancer to free-radical pathology. EDTA removes transition elements, such as iron, which accelerate free-radical pathology, including cancer. Iron is an essential nutritional element, but it is also known to accumulate with age. EDTA increases the urinary excretion of unbound and freely catalytic iron 10 times more then it does lead.

There are many reasons why EDTA chelation therapy could act to prevent cancer. A recent publication confirms improvement in a wide variety of symptoms, as first reported in this study population. Symptoms improve significantly following EDTA Chelation therapy, resulting in a marked improvement in the overall quality of life.