Zeonetix Heart & Artery Formula
500mg EDTA

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Managing cardiovascular disease is the first step to preventing a heart attack or stroke.

• Clears Blocked or Obstructed Arteries
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Improves Oxygenated Circulation
• Reduces Blood Pressure
• Replaces Over 40 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Entirely preventable and reversible heart disease is the #1 killer on the planet.
Doctor recommended, take daily for extended life.


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Product Description

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There is more that you can do to manage your heart health. If you are looking to avoid surgery, already had a cardiac event, have a family history of heart disease, or experiencing early signs that your circulation system needs help then you need to take back control of your future with Zeonetix Heart and Artery Formula. Entirely preventable and reversible, heart disease is the #1 killer on the planet. Doctor recommended, take daily for extended life.

CLEARS BLOCKED OR OBSTRUCTED ARTERIES-Put the power of EDTA on your side. Acting in your arteries like vinegar in a coffee pot, blasting away blockages and helping lower cholesterol and blood pressure, it unblocks large arteries and helps restore blood flow to tiny veins affected by peripheral neuropathy. Bromelain a digestive enzyme derived from the pineapple plant, it has been shown to clear arteries of plaque and breakdown clots.

IMPROVES OXYGENATED CIRCULATION-A penny saved is a penny earned, but did you know they were talking about your body? You don’t have much copper in your body, barely more than the amount found in a single penny, but copper is a key mineral in many different body systems. It is central to building strong tissue, maintaining blood volume and producing energy in your cells. Copper also influences the functioning of the heart and arteries. Deficiency can lead to damaged blood vessels and an enlarged heart.

REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE-Already had a heart attack? Arginine helps to lower blood pressure and carnitine significantly improves cardiac health in patients after a heart attack. Based on analysis of key controlled trials that associate carnitine with a significant reduction in death from all causes and a highly significant reduction in ventricular arrhythmias and anginal attacks following a heart attack.

LOWERS CHOLESTEROL-Garlic Extract has been shown to reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and cholesterol triglycerides. It sweeps your arteries clean of bad LDL cholesterol. Niacin has also been formulated to reduce hardening of the arteries, boost levels of good HDL cholesterol and lowers triglycerides. Research has shown that it helps lower the risk of a second heart attack.

REPLACES OVER 40 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS-Promoting oxygenated blood flow to every part of your body we loaded Zeonetix Heart and Artery Formula with nearly 40 herbs, vitamins, minerals and naturals.

Vitamins and minerals are foods that will kill you if you don’t eat them. Start your regimen today and after several months of our Zeonetix Heart and Artery Formula delivered with Micro Adsorption Technology give your body time to heal and the ability to restore blood flow. 100% Vegan and Manufactured entirely in the USA. Take with Zeonetix Total Immune Support Formula to experience the Compound Effect.


In Published Studies and News Reports EDTA Chelation Therapy

  • Removed Toxic Heavy Metals from the Body
  • Lowered Bad Cholesterol
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Improved Total Body Circulation
  • Reduced the Risk of Some Cancer
  • Reduced Certain Allergies
  • Reduced Arthritic Aches & Pains
  • Reduced the Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Reversed Senility by Increasing Circulation to the Brain
  • Restored Memory & Concentration
  • Improved Vision and Hearing
  • Improved Liver Function
  • Reversed Impotence
  • Slowed or Reversed Hair Loss
  • Renewed Energy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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reviews for Zeonetix Heart & Artery Formula
500mg EDTA

  1. Reginald
    5 out of 5


    I went from a sugar junkie to a needle junkie. My diabetes has been off and on out of control for 30 years. I took a bad fall because I could not feel my feet while waking up concrete steps. I knocked out all my front teeth and dislocated my shoulder. Embarrased and ashamed knowing my illness can be controlled by diet. While healing my sister begged me to try harder and found this supplement that supposedly increased circulation and would help with glucose. We ordered some and I started reluctantly taking it. After a couple of months I noticed that I did’t notice how numb and painful my feet were. It’s been years. I was feeling better too. I have slowly reversed my diabetes to pills now not shots, I still take my supplement 2 times a day, and exercise because I can feel my feet.

  2. RX Smoker
    5 out of 5


    I had to quit smoking about 8 mos ago. (pneumonia)It was really really really hard. As bad as I wanted it for my family I wasn’t sure I wanted it for me. It had been several months and I still wasn’t feeling great. I began taking this formula to clean my blood, I can not believe how much my energy level has increased. My blood pressure is way down and the numbness in my leg is going away. As much as I enjoyed smoking and still miss it, I am really loving feeling better and getting back into an active life.

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